India Travel Guide


India Travel Guide

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"Chaotic, busy, colourful, cultural, diverse and incredible. Those are the 6 words I’d use to describe this unique country. India is unlike any place I have ever been before, it will constantly leave you both shocked and amazed. It’s incredible India."

My name's Noah van der Eerden and I recently returned from my journey through India! My time exploring this chaotic country was nothing short of incredible. The people, the food, the culture, I absolutely fell in love with every bit of it. I was able to share some amazing experience with friends turning this into an unforgettable trip. I think everyone needs to visit this uniquely beautiful country at some point in their life. 

This is a 21 Page PDF guide, containing anything and everything that I wanted to know before I left on my travels along with all that I was able to gather a long the way.


The Cost of a trip to India

Budgeting Advice throughout India

The Best time to visit India

The Safety of India

The Highlights and Must See Places of India

Visa Requirements for India

Vaccines for India

Travel Insurance for India

Banking and Money for India

Food, Accommodation, Transportation for India

How to ride trains in India

Packing for India

Travel information on Apps & Internet


This guide will take away all the stresses and questions of travelling and help you focus your precious time on exploring and experiencing this amazing country. Im sure you will have a life altering time!